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Double Panel Detector for PCB

Double panel detectors for copper laminated panels (PCBs) are designed for detecting double or multiple panels on automated de- stacking units and transfers. The detector consists of a pair of sensors and an amplifier. The panel to be checked is passed through the gap between both sensors Single panel passes through the sensorīs gap and do not activate the relay of amplifier. If two or more panels passes through the sensorīs gap the relay is activated. The output change over contact (SPDT) can be used to switch off the panel conveyor and/or for activating optical / acoustical alarms.There is also an amplifier available that has an analog voltage output of 0- 10 VDC instead of the output contact. This voltage co- relate to the copper laminate thickness of the PCB. This amplifier can be used in connection with a PLC/ IPC/ controller that has an analog voltage input for example for min./max limit   monitoring, remote control monitoring, "teach- in" programming with a sample PCB etc.

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New ! (Fig 1) "All in one" double sheet sensors with analog- or digital- output. No additional amplifiers / controllers are necessary. These sensors contains all parts, connector, indicator LED etc. and are therefore low prices units. The analog sensors have 1 - 10 VDC outputs. The digtal sensors have 2 switch outputs: One for 0/1 panel and one for 1/2 panels. The sensor is teach-in Cu-layerthickness programmable with a reference panel. It also can be used for to discriminate / monitor panels in the 18, 35, 70, 140...mym  ( 1/2 , 1 , 2 , 3 ... oz/sq.ft  ) Cu- layerthickness steps. 





Fig. 1
Double panel detector on a panel destacker

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Fig. 2
Sensors (arrows) on the machine panel infeed

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Fig. 1 New "All in one" Double Panel Sensors with analog- or digital- output

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Fig.2 Double Panel Detector with bothsided sensors      



Fig. 3
Amplifier with Cu- layer thickness adjust and LED indicators

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