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NEW: Small and smart low cost all in one double sheet sensor with digital output that needs no amplifier  or controller. More (PDF)

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Application example: Double sheet detection on an automatic sheet destacker with a Jungmichel sensor model    S 1.0P3S More examples here

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The low cost "all in one" double sheet sensor. Also for nonmagnetic stainless steel sheets and up to 3mm sheet thickness now ! More (PDF-File)
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New ! Very fast ,high speed double end sensors with 2 msec. response time only, with 2 outputs for no / 1 end and one / double end discrimination. All in one sensors with M12 connector, Duo Led and teach-in programmable. No amplifier necessary. Donīt waste your money, ask for an offer.

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Again Available (Limited Edition):
Steel Sheet Thickness Meter FM 08        More (PDF- File)



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NEW: Double Sheet Sensor, teach-in programmable... More (PDF-File)
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