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Double Sheet Detectors 2

Double Sheet Detectors are for monitoring the automatic sheet destack/
sheet feed on sheet working machines like body makers, welding- and printing machines, slitters, presses etc. They watch the sheet destacking so that only one sheet is feed into the sheet working machine.There are a lot of different detector models available: For different kind of sheet materials, with singlesided sheet touching sensors or with bothsided sheet no touching sensors. Very economical, flexible and userfriendly double sheet detections can be made from our newer sensors that have 0 - 10 V DC outputs (see fig. 10). The lowest costs solution however are our teach-in programmable "all in one" double sheet sensors that need no additional external amplifier (see fig. 15 + 16). Plenty of canmaking machinery suppliers are fitting their machines with our double sheet detectors since many years. When you need replacement sensors and/ or amplifiers you will get original spare parts fast and with low prices from us.

Fig 1.
Application examples: Double Sheet Detectors
control the automatic sheet eject on sheet printing machines

More details on our Canmaker´s catalogue on page 3 . Please give us message and we will sent you this catalogue.

Double Sheet Detectors on canmaking plants: (please click on the picture to enlarge)

Fig.1 on a modern sheet printing machine

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Fig.2 on an older printing machine
Fig.3 bothsided sensors on the sheet infeed
2 Examples for double end detection:
Fig.4.1 double end detection on a end automat


Fig.4.2. double end detection on a seamer
Double Sheet Detectors (Examples)

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More applications on canmaking machines:
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Fig. 9 Singlesided sensors Typ S 0.5 for sheets up to 0,5 mm and Type S 1.0 for sheet up to 1,0 mm thickness


Fig. 5 singlesided sensor on a welding machine destacker

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Fig. 10 Singlesided sensor with analogvoltageoutput for steel- or aluminium sheets i.e. for connection to PLCs and IPCs

Fig.6 singlesided sensor in a sheet slitter table
Fig. 11 Bothsided not sheet touching sensors for steel- and aluminium sheets  

Fig. 7 Amplifier with sheet thickness adjust on sheet slitter

Fig. 12 Amplifier with external sheet thickness adjust Mplifier, LED- indicators and relay output contact.  

Fig. 8 bothsided sensor on a sheet destacker for a sheet slitter

Our Double Sheet Detectors are in our knowledge the cheapest on the market, please ask for an offer!
Fig. 13 Double Sheet Detector with bothsided sensors SIZ 16 (Pair) with 3 m cable and amplifier IT 01SZ


Fig. 14 Double Sheet Detector with singlesided sensor S 0.5 with 3 m cable and amplifier FT 01S


Fig.15 Teach-in programmable double sheet sensor with PNP- transistor- switch output for 24 VDC supply needs NO external amplifier and is therefore for the lowest price available.For example singlesided sensor  type S 0.5P4S Fig. 16 Teach-in programmable double sheet sensors with double transistor-switch output for 24 VDC supply, need NO external amplifier and are therefore the lowest price solution. For example bothsided sensors type M 30 thread
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Do you want to check out which sensor fits best to your application, please give us a message to get a sample to try before buy.
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