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Special sensors

We supply also special sensors, which can be modified, adapted and calibrated for customized problem solution. For example to the distinction of different metals e.g. Fe ( fer.), Fe (aust.), Cu, Al, Ni, Ag, Pb, Sn etc., for detecting of impact welded joints of different or same materials. For the automatic assortment/orientation of group metals and metal/ nonmetals, as well as for the positions - monitoring of workpieces and parts. The sensors work e.g. magnetically, inductively or by eddy current. Accompanying illustrations show a few examples.

Please inquire for more information   and/or send   us  your problem definition.

Application examples:
Sensors for...

...monitoring of metal parts in a blister pack

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...for determination/discrimination of the active/ passive side on thermobimetal parts
ms4.jpg (7588 Byte)


...for detection  welded lap/seam on a steel strip
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...for detection/ positioning of a invisible flanged seam on a plastic coated steel tube
ms6.jpg (4663 Byte)


...for checking scalpels , sealed in steril aluminium foil
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...for checking electrical contact parts
ms8.jpg (5111 Byte)


..for checking a metal composite gasket for completeness of the parts in the automotive industry
ms9.jpg (8416 Byte)


...for checking of an oil cooler  in the automotive industry. Sensor A tests whether the turbulence metal part C is present in the flat aluminium profile tube B
ms10.jpg (3644 Byte)


...for double part detection in the semiconductor manufacturing industry
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...for controlling the separation of clutch lamellas in the automotive industry
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...on autom. assembly lines for batteries / accumulators
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...double metal part detection with a singlesided sensor from the metal part edge
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.also for your application.
Please contact us !

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Fig.1.1 NEW! Digital Material Discrimination- Sensor

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This sensor can discriminate materials from different electrical conductivity. For example steel (ferrous- magnetic, non-magnetic, stainless) from non-ferrous material like copper, aluminium, brass etc. All parts are integrated in the sensor. 2 outputs switches according to the table below. The sensor is teach-in programmable with the relevant material during sensor installation or also later, everytime if necessary.
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Fig.1.0 Sensor Controller (Examples)

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Fig.1.1. 3- Chanel Sensor Controller

ks02.jpg (12404 Byte)

Fig.1.2. Sensor- Controller in a 19" rack

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Fig.2 Sensors (Examples)

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