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Double Sheet Detector 1 (general for metal sheet working/ processing machines. Special for canmakers and other thin sheet workers please see Double Sheet Detector 2)
For all kind of sheet- destackers, -feeders, -loaders, -handling robots. Also for yours !

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Double Sheet Detectors monitor the the automatic sheet destacking/ sheet feed on sheet working machines to avoid demages on feeders machines, dies, tools etc. We deliver a wide range of different models for solving this task : For most kind of sheet materials, sheet thicknesses, sheet feeders, sheet destackers, robots etc. The double sheet sensors/- detectors have an signal output that can be used to repeat the sheet feed (shake off the double sheet) stopp the shett feed process, or to eject the double sheets. Furthermore to control otical and / or acoustical alarms or other machine operator service calls.

The sensors are fittet in cylindrical enclosures and monitor the sheet as shown here:

1.1.) Singlesided, sheet touching sensors:

Monitoring from the lowerside of sheet:

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Fig. 1 Touchless, bothsided sensors on a sheet destacking robot (details)

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Fig. 2 Shows an application with a single sided sensor that monitors the sheet feed on a multi die press (details)

More application examples here:

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Monitoring from the upper side of sheet:

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Monitoring from the edge of sheet:

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Fig. 3 Singlesided sensors with 2 digital outputs and M12 connectors

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1.2.) Bothsided, touchless sensors:

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There are sensors available in different technology and dimensions to fit for all kind of applications.

Fig. 4 Bothsided sensors with 2 digital outputs and M12 connectors

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1.3.) Double sheet sensors for 14 volt supply voltage, M12 connector

1.3.1.) Double sheet sensors with digital output:

These sensors have 2 transistor switching outputs that can be used to control PLC or IPC digital inputs or also small loads like relays for example.All functions are integrated in the sensors so that no additionla external switch boxes or amplifier  are needed. The both outputs of the digital sensors switches according to this table:

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Fig. 5 Singlesided sensors with cable connection for double sheet detectors

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Relation between sheet detection and sensor output for a singlesided digital double sheet sensor:

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The sheet thickness limit value that discriminates one sheet from double sheet is programmed into the digital sensors by a teach-in process either during the sensor installation or also later, everytime when necessary.

1.3.2.) Double sheet sensors with analog output

These sensors have a 0 - 10 VDC analog voltage output the deliver an voltage related to the sheet thickness. They are useful in connection with PLC / IPC or simmilar controllers that havbe analog voltage inputs. With this sensors as sheet thickness value geber in connection with the PLC / IPC process- and / or machine specificated controllings are possible.

Fig. 6 Bothsided sensors with cable connection for double sheet detectors

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Fig. 7 Amplifier with 10 - turn sheet thickness limit adjust for external fixing

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1.4.) Double sheet detectors for 230V or 110V supply voltage, connectin by screw terminals

These detectors consist of a sensor (singlesided sheet monitoring) or a sensor- pair (bothsided sheet monitoring) with fixed cable on the sensor side (standard length 3m , other length possible on request) and seperate amplifier either in protection class IP 52 for external fixing on machines or walls or with protection class IP 00 for internal fixing in cabinets /enclosures.The amplifiers has an change over outputcontact that switches when the senors has double- / multiple sheets detected. The sheet thickness limit value for 1 sheet is adjustable either on a internal screwdriver operated adjust or external manual operated dial with scale and fixing lever.

For more details please ask for the double sheet detector catalog.

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Fig.8 Amplifier with screwdriver operated sheet thickness limit adjust for internal fixing

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